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21.9.12 . 5:23 pm
OWH ! dearest friend kott .

Assalamualaikum dear readers !

last night . kuyah tetiba call . 
dia nak tanya  sal Nuyu .
lepas tue . beralih  ke topik lain pulak .
tanya dia sal "pilihan hati"
'kau pilih A or B'
semua dia tak pilih .
kesian dua jejaka malaya yang hot tue .
kononnya taknak kapel kapel nihhh .
nak study dulu . ermm . katenyeee laa
so . tiba turn aku pulak .
aku story cerita lawak .
speech hancor aku !!
hakhakkk . dia gelakkan aku .
then dia cakap .
'tulis lah dalam blog!'
atas saranan KUYAH ok ! aku tulis . phewwpheww ~
Good morning especially to my beloved teacher Mr.Ahmad Sani and to all my fellow friends in this class.Firstly,let me introduce my self,my name is Wahida Amalin Binti Che Mohd Noor and you can call me Amalin.Today i would like to talk about my dearest friend.Before that,i want to tell you what is the meaning of friends.A friend is tender shoulder on which to softly cry, a well to pour your troubles down and raise your spirit high.A friend is a hand to pull you up,from darkness and despair.When other have forgot but most of all a friend have true heart for from the hearts of friends,there comes the greatest love of all.Now,i want to start talk about my dearest friend.My friend's name is Muhammad Amzar Hakim Bin Shamsudin.He is my BFF (best friend forever).He stay at Sri Aman 2.His birfday on 15 of april 1994.Besides,we actually have some similarities like we both use left-handed since childhood.Now,he studied accounting at UiTM Machang not far from his house.So,i can meet him every weekend.I have known him since form 3.Start from there i'm became close with him.I always share my problem with him and he will find a way to solve it.I'm glad to have him as my BFF.He is very responsible,caring,kind and he is very helpful.In secondary scholl,when i have a problem in studied,he always helped me in subject that i couldn't score especially Additional Mathematics.He will teach me until i understand.Before i sit for the exam,he will give me full moral support.Other than that,he always reminds me of the good and bad things and he also made me realized many things.Indeed very difficult to find a friend like him.If possible i do not want to lose him.The concern makes me appreaciate him.He is my friend when thick and thin.I confess,i really love him as a friend.That's all from me,Thank you,for lending me your ears.

boo boo boo + gelak + riuh rendah bebudak class . time aku
sebut nama MY DEAREST FRIEND tuhhh .
lepas cuti berbulan bulan .
tue la hasil essay aku !
hancorrr ! grammar lari lintang pukangggg .
tapi ! 10 di antara 10 yang buat speech hari tue .
aku yang dapat markah top 1 .
hehehe . *perasaaannn*

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